GU Filmhouse, Glenelg

Cinema Foyer and Entry, Bar, Ticketing and Cafe, Ticketing, Public Seating Areas, 6 x Auditoriums, Commercial Kitchen, Cinema Concourses and Public Amenities 

3,200m2, Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia

The first interior of many for the GU film house brand. We developed an entirely new brand and concept to be rolled out in Australia. The concept drew from the industrial and modern Australian beach house, fusing in the local seaside context of Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia.

The initial client briefing was to create a brand aesthetic that was industrial and raw, yet inviting. We adopted the notion of a modern Australian beach house by creating an ambient setting, combined with an palette of timber, concrete, terracotta, black, blue and white.

The art house cinema is built within a new 2 storey building, comprising of the main cinema foyer at ground level with stairs leading up to the cinema foyer, seating area and bar with cafe and ticketing. There are two wings to the building that comprise of 6 auditoriums, commercial kitchen, amenities and concourses.

Photography: Anna White