What we do
Decorum has successfully delivered both private and commercial fit out solutions both locally and internationally, by providing excellence in design as well as client service. Our studio is adept at designing and delivering both bespoke fit out design to large scale architectural projects. Our studio focuses on interior architecture, with both furniture, lighting and carpet design, as part of our design skills.

Anna maintains her hands on approach to this day and continues to collect fresh ideas through travelling to bring to both clients and projects. We bring a vast wealth of world wide trends, materials, contextual and research based solutions. Anna’s vision is to provide her craft/art based approach to any environment with practicality and ease, to the same quality of an international practice, however on a personalised level. Her strength is the capability to distil a brief from client and translate the brand or client philosophy into an imaginative end product that is truly unique, whilst executing the project on time and budget.

Decorum was established in Australia in 2010, by interior designer Anna Lisa White. Anna’s broad experience spans the globe from Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Russia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Jordan and Dubai. With world class experience and clients, Anna previously developed her skills and experience as an associate, with an international architecture studio, based in London from the tender age of 25.